Feel the Vibes…

Phenomenal guitarist Geoff Achison & The Soul Diggers sign up

Famously traveling the globe as a soloist and employing the best musicians available wherever he goes, Geoff has established touring circuits in the USA, UK & Oz. In his time on the road he has developed a very distinct style which sets him apart from most others. No-one sounds quite like Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers and they sound like no-one else.

A virtuosic guitarist, Geoff is also a highly regarded singer & songwriter penning all of the band's materiel. Their latest album, 'Another Mile Another Minute' scooped the pool at this year's Australian Blues Music awards winning in 5 categories including Album, Song and Group of the year.

Joining Geoff at Marysville are Richard Tankard (keyboards), Roger McLachlan (bass guitar) and Andy Sylvio (drums).

Jeff Achison