Feel the Vibes…


When: Saturday 12:30pm - 1:45pm
Where: Vibe Hotel
Genre: Blues
McBlues are six experienced musicians exploring the jazz and blues roots of traditional Celtic Music and Songs, seriously?
David Alleway
McBlues best described as jazzed up, bluesy, traditional Celtic music. Formed as a ‘one off’ for the Marysville Jazz and Blues Festival but sounded too good not to continue playing! These six multi-instrumentalists bring over 200 years of musical experience to the stage.

They play a highly entertaining mix of ballads, jigs and reels on bagpipes, saxophone, mandolin, fiddles, harp, harmonica, guitar and double bass. A truly unique band, playing the tartan blues like you’ve never heard them before!

Maureen Beggs (Saxophone, Clarinet, Fiddle)
Maureen enjoys playing several genres of music. A lover of Dixieland Jazz, she currently plays reeds with Peppercorn Jazz Band:

Diane Gaylard (Fiddle, Bagpipes, Whistles)
Diane played highland bagpipes in pipe bands for many years before taking up Scottish small pipes and fiddle. She also plays with the Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club (MSFC) and with David Alleway as Drop of Scotch specialising in traditional Scottish music.

Jean McConnochie (Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals)
Jean also plays with MSFC and has a rich history playing in many genres and styles. From soulful slow airs to outrageous rock and roll lead breaks she never ceases to surprise both the audience and her fellow band members with what a violin can do. She’s not a bad singer either.

Kevin Parsell (Guitar/Vocals)
Kevin plays flatpick guitar in all styles, providing a Celtic influenced Western Swing Rhythm as the main drive behind The McBlues Band. Currently he runs the Melbourne Flatpickers Group, turns up in Bluegrass Bands when needed and teaches guitar and mandolin.

David Alleway (Celtic Harp, Harmonica, Octave Mandolin, Vocals)
David is a member of Moving Harps, Drop of Scotch and MSFC. He also tours Australia regularly performing as David the Music Man, introducing young children to music in a hilarious show in which he plays over 20 instruments.

David Rackham (Double Bass, Tenor Guitar, Vocals)
David’s intricate bass lines match with the guitar to drive McBlues rhythm. David is also a harpist and plays in Moving Harps and may surprise on other instruments. Another musical chameleon equally at home playing jazz, traditional Celtic music or renaissance dance music.

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