Feel the Vibes…

Genre: Blues
Where: Vibe Hotel
When: Saturday 12:30PM - 1:45PM
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McBlues best described as jazzed up, bluesy, traditional Celtic music. Formed as a ‘one off’ for the Marysville Jazz and Blues Festival but sounded too good not to continue playing! These six multi-instrumentalists bring over 200 years of musical experience to the stage.

They play a highly entertaining mix of ballads, jigs and reels on bagpipes, saxophone, mandolin, fiddles, harp, harmonica, guitar and double bass. A truly unique band, playing the tartan blues like you’ve never heard them before!

Maureen Beggs (Saxophone, Clarinet, Fiddle)

Diane Gaylard (Fiddle, Bagpipes, Whistles)

Jean McConnochie (Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals)
Kevin Parsell (Guitar/Vocals)

David Alleway (Celtic Harp, Harmonica, Octave Mandolin, Vocals)

David Rackham (Double Bass, Tenor Guitar, Vocals)
McBlues are six experienced musicians exploring the jazz and blues roots of traditional Celtic Music and Songs, seriously?
David Alleway

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