Feel the Vibes…

Patrick Evans
Genre: Blues
Where: Vibe Hotel
When: Sunday 11:30AM - 12:30PM

Workshop: The story behind the new Maton Guitars Blackwood Series
Where: Community Centre Lakeview Room
When: Sunday 1:00PM - 2:00PM
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Patrick Evans has been making music his whole life. From his heartfelt original songs of Australian life to his unique treatments of traditional folk songs and fiddle tunes Patrick uses his music to take audiences on a journey through his musical heritage and experiences as well as a journey through some of Australian culture’s highways and byways.

A skilled singer, songwriter, guitarist, fiddle player and entertainer Patrick is also a senior guitar maker at Maton Guitars and recently had his song “This Old Guitar” played around the world as part of a promotion for the Biesse machines that Maton use to help make their guitars. His song “The Cooee March” was also featured on ABC Radio’s “Australia All Over” to help mark the 100th anniversary of this little known chapter of Australian history.

He can often be found backing other musicians and has worked with a veritable who’s who of Australian folk music over the years including Danny Spooner, Ross Ryan, Hugh Macdonald, Marcia Howard, Janette Geri and Suzette Herft.
It's a joy for me to be asked to play at the Marysville Jazz & Blues weekend. Along with so many others my father lost a house here during the fires so I'm delighted to see how far the town has come since. I'm really looking forward to adding my music to the sounds of this wonderful town!
Patrick Evans

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