Feel the Vibes…

When: Sunday 4.30pm - 5.30pm
Where: Crossways Historic Inn
Genre: Blues
His mere talent puts him in the same league as Hendrix and Clapton
Rhythms Magazine
“His mere talent puts him in the same league as Hendrix and Clapton" is a bold statement to say about someone only few have heard of, but these are the words from "RHYTHMS" magazine about the Bo Jenkins Band on his performance at the, Byron Bay Blues Festival in Australia.

Bo, a left hander, tunes his guitar upside down and plays with the high "E" string on top - allowing him to play some things that right handed players just cannot do.

Bo was born on a small farm in Bottleneck, Arkansas, to Joe and Thelma Jenkins. He grew up hearing his father sing and his grandfather (a full blooded Native American Indian) play guitar. Later, his family moved to Helena Arkansas, where Blues met Country and had a baby named Rock and Roll.

This area produced many renowned musicians such as Sonny Boy Williamson, Conway Twitty, Levon Helm, Houston Stackhouse and Willie Dixon. Artists such as Elvis Presley, Charlie Rich and Ronnie Hawkins learned their trade in this small town. Because he is left handed, Bo doubted his ability to learn the guitar.

That all changed when at the age of eighteen he saw Jimi Hendrix performing in Memphis. He then started playing the roadhouses and bars in the delta region up and down Highways 49 and 61.

Bo spent a few years as a deck hand working on the Mississippi River and was
drafted into the army, serving with the 82nd Airborne as a paratrooper. After his release, he decided to continue his career in music. His love of playing guitar led him to play many different styles.

Over the years Bo has shared the stage with various groups such as Albert King, Reba McIntyre, Earl Thomas Conley, B.B.King and Kansas - thus being one of the few musicians to play major U.S. venues in the three main styles (Rock, Blues and Country).

Through the years of playing different types of music, Bo developed his own style and started writing his own songs. Having visited Australia with his wife who had grown up in Melbourne, he felt the urge to leave America and continue his career in Australia.

Bo has released four CD’s “Razorback Road”, “Skin it Back”, “Warts an’ All” & Bo Jenkins Roadtrain claiming rave reviews - “The Age” Reviewer Mike Daly said of Bo Jenkin’s debut release Razorback Road “Every so often a CD comes along that knocks your socks off. “Razorback Road” hooks you and never lets go”.

Lee Howard of the “Herald Sun” says “Bo Jenkins has fired a broadside”. Doug Mulray say’s of Bo “Guitar picking like you ain’t seen” after his performance on the Basement. He rarely uses his old Gibsons or Fenders any more opting for Australian made guitars. “I can’t get this sound on any thing else”,
His fourth CD which includes “One from a Hundred”, a song about meeting Ned Kelly’s ghost and learning a lesson about life is one of the many that has inspired him to write about his love for Australia

Bo's Website - Click Here

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