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When: Sunday 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Where: Community Centre Stadium
Genre: Blues
Spectrum has been a regular participant at the Marysville Jazz & Blues Weekend since its inception and it's been a highlight of our schedule ever since. It's a family orientated festival with just the right mix of entertainment featuring outstanding Australian exponents of both Jazz and Blues without being pedantic about definitions.
Mike Rudd
Spectrum is one Australia’s favourite bands. During their brief but illustrious career Spectrum were in the vanguard of progressive rock in Australia, and they left a legacy of innovative and imaginative music.The central figure in Spectrum was singer/songwriter/guitarist Mike Rudd, one of the many outstanding expatriate NZ performers who have contributed so much to the Australian music scene.

“Right now, somewhere in Australia, someone is listening to a radio station playing Spectrum's I'll Be Gone. … It was released in 1971 and has become something of an anthem for the Australian babyboomers - witness a couple of thousand of 'em singing the song back to the band at the Long Way to the Top concert in 2002.” Jarrod Watt ABC Ballarat

Four piece with keyboards (inc. Spectrum Plays the Blues)

The original, and in some people's eyes, the unsurpassable four piece line-up of Spectrum with keyboardist Daryl Roberts providing the essential link with the original Hammond-centric concept. Broc O'Connor has comparatively recently replaced the late Bill Putt as bassist and now the quartet appears to be set for years of development according to the inspired charter of the original Spectrum in the late '60s and early '70s.

Songs in the current Spectrum repertoire include: I'll Be Gone, Launching Place Part Two, Going Home and Fly Without Its Wings, Ariel's Jamaican Farewell, Rock & Roll Scars, Hard Way To Go, Red Hot Momma and Worm Turning Blues, Murtceps' Esmeralda, Some Good Advice and We Are Indelible,and heaps more.

Then there are the new Spectrum songs from the Breathing Space EP series like Rocket Girl, Silicon Valley and Xavier Rudd is not my Son that slip right into the eclectic Spectrum live mix.
More often than not Spectrum includes a blues set by its alter ego, Spectrum Plays the Blues, which can be prised away from the mother ship as a separate and distinct entity and play a solid couple of hours of classic blues songs as requested.

The recent Sydney Blues and Roots and Noonamah Blues Festivals saw Spectrum Plays the Blues play just such a a sizzling blues set.

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